Tuesday, July 17, 2007

slips, drips, black, ack!

My mom slipped (slip) as she entered our front door on Saturday... she fractured her wrist and had surgery this afternoon. (drip) She has two lovely shiners that were once her eyes due to her forehead slamming into the stair. (black)

Ac(k!)rylic yarn as been my mainstay as I crochet squares for various causes. These are the easiest and most portable projects I can muster right now. And the two folks collecting these squares will be happy to have them!

I tried - four times already - to knit the Mystery Stole 3 posted by Melanie in a Yahoo! group (that is now closed to new members - pattern available sometime after the conclusion of the KAL)... with the fall, the ER, the surgery, etc., etc., I have not attemped the fifth try yet.

I am indeed both a Slow Bee and a Frequent Frogger!


kaykay said...

But I want to see pictures anyway. My best to your mom -- hope she's recovering well.

Annie said...

Sheesh -- daughter changed my name on the google blog thingy -- that's me, annie! Sheesl