Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Life Does Come with Do-Overs!

I'm doing over my MS3 stole! :)

I kept running into trouble. Knitting, reknitting, tinking, frogging, knitting... and I didn't get past the first of four clues. I decided to try again - Fresh. From the beginning. And it is looking so.much.better! Over 300 rows of pattern have been revealed. I am at row 31. But that's okay. I am not striving for perfection, just for the lack of GLARING errors. Little ones I can live with. Spot them from across the room? Um, no, need to fix those. So, I'm going to go slowly. A few rows a day until I hit my stride.

Since I'm doing just a few rows a day, I am also crocheting squares, crocheting rectangles into blankets, reading, taking care of my mother...

Oh, and I am also watching my first Sunflowers thrive despite the severe drought in my county. (I water the garden and am ignoring the grass!) They are four different heights - the tallest well over 6 feet! They are starting the tendrils of the blossom. In the morning they face East and when I return home at night they are heading West! They really do follow the sun... it is such a cool phenomenon of nature!


Kelli said...

Oh, Sunflowers are so much fun! I remember planting some with my grandma one year and waiting sooo long until they finally bloomed. (It seems to take a lot longer when you're seven. lol)

Toni Sutton said...

I've been toying with the idea of waiting 15 minutes after the 5th clue is released for MS3, then posting an "I'm finished!" message just to mess with the "speedsters." :) Those of us who are taking our time will have lots more MS3 to enjoy!