Saturday, June 09, 2007

This and that

It's hot. It's too early to be this hot. Makes doing outside things unbearable. Makes doing inside things slower as I get hot and have to rest frequently.

But ...

The boys and their friends are enjoying the pool in the hot weather. Going through food and towels with abandon (which kind of annoys my mother). Our driveway and street often resemble a used car lot because many of the friends are not yet permitted to drive others in their cars - so they each have to drive themselves here!!

Youngest son got his dream schedule at the Water Park - 9 AM to 3 PM, Mon-Fri - leaving his weekends free! And the 9 AM start means a few extra $$ because he'll be teaching swimming lessons.

Oldest son is resting on his laurels following graduation - but not for long, or he'll be resting somewhere else!! Time to get a job and earn his way in this world.

Garden is growing, so are the weeds. Too hot for pictures. Too hot for weeding!

Knitting is slow, but happening.

I finished the little project I am sending to my SP10 recipient. I showed it off at my LYS and they want me to write up the pattern. Pictures will pop up here after my pal receives her package... perhaps by then I'll have perfected the pattern to share!

A Charmed Knits Hufflepuff Beret is 2/3 complete. It is a quick knit, really, and I hope to finish it this weekend - in between laundry and vacuuming and grilling and cleaning and ... well, you get the picture!

And - alas, there are no pictures!

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