Saturday, June 23, 2007


So, today is Saturday. I had great plans for Saturday. Weeding. Knitting. Cooking. Cleaning. Ummm... well... not so much!

Weeding: I did weed a bit - but I'm not even half done.

Knitting: I have knit about 12 rows of a Charmed Knits beret. Pitiful.

I have knit about 3 rows of a new sock (to me) with my first hand-dye yarn. The sock will be too small for me. I have to get a little further into it to see if I can adjust the pattern. Not sure I'll be able to do that.

Cooking: None. While I plan to put together a Trifle later, for an impromptu party invite I received for tomorrow, there will still be no cooking.

Cleaning: Except for my daily hygiene and extra hand-washing following the mini-weeding sessions, none.

But, I did transfer all my pictures from my flash card to my computer and I did upload a bunch into flicker. Here are some new pictures (the rest of them were very old, just hadn't been completely transferred!)

More Charmed Hats:

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Heatherly said...

"I did weed a bit - but I'm not even half done."
lol, you know pot is a really bad habit!

sorry i had this crazy youthgroup in my life, who were always stoned!