Thursday, November 23, 2006

A Thankful Day

Turkey Day 2006:

Attendance: Aunt/Godmother and her two children (34 and 19); Aunt The Middle Child and her Husband and two of her three children (41 and 42) and one spouse and 4 children (15, 15, 11, 2.5 (cutest of the cute!)); My Sis and her three (14, 12, 11); me and my two (18 and 16); Nephew 24); two friends from the neighborhood (16 & 14) and Mom - 23 for dinner; 14 staying the night (some of them were here last night, some will be here tomorrow night too!)

23 lb Turkey, 7 lb ham, 5 lbs potatoes, 4 lbs yams (fresh from the Amish Farmers, made into an orange, pecan, yam casserole); steamed broccoli/cauliflower, stuffing from the bird and from StoveTop; Cheese sauce; three kinds of gravy; 3 doz dinner rolls; many, many, many desserts.!!!!!!!!!!! An amazingly amicable year.

There always has to be one low spot... in a house with 4 full baths, one gets the mega-use - it's commode ran over, and over, and over and amid tears and I'm sorries, it got all fixed up - by me, with help from my Aunt Margie and her daughter. But still NOT.ONE.ARGUMENT!!!

Life is good! :)

Hope your Turkey Days were delightful!


I have knitted (and need to seam) two meathead hats. I have not had time for anything else due to the Thanksgiving preparations... Fiber use resumes on Saturday - when all the company heads to their homes - in three different states - the closest being 8 hours away!

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