Thursday, November 16, 2006

Some fiber content...

I want to do everything I see. I want to help every cause. Unfortunately, my want and my ability often fall short. So I've been trying to help in small ways. One square (maybe 2, but not 10) when squares are requested. Same with hats, mittens and such when there is a short deadline. There will definitely be more than one Dulaan hat - since I have six already.

I want to help Firefly (see side bar for Project Gracious Parcels). I have lovely autumn-y yarn sent to me by my SP9 Spoiler. Perfect for this project. So, I cast on, knit a couple of rows. All seemed good. Knit a couple more - it grew an inch! Rip out, start again, cast on few, measured, all seemed good, it is still 8 inches (though I think that first one would have been closer to 8.5 or 9, had I continued)! I'm going to finish it... actually, just five more rows and it'll be an 8" inch square ready to mail the next time an 8" square is needed. There will be enough yarn left for a 7" square, if I can figure out how many cast on stitches I need this time! I hope there will be enough for two. If not, I'll send the one and try for more later - I promised two by the beginning of December. (tried to show a picture of the square in progress - no blogger luck today)

I know I could get two done by December during normal times, but next week is Thanksgiving and the gathering of the clan... It is not 'normal times' -- Time has its own way of rocking through a family-filled week - goes slow then fast then slow then warp speed and not much actually gets accomplished except making food, cleaning kitchen, eating food, doing dishes! :) Oh, and visiting! ;)

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Dorothy said...

There is Comforting Jenn for 8" squares, if you are so inclined. I've forgotten the link, but you could just google that or head over to my blog and look under the post titles Another Call for Squares.

I hope your 7" square works out for you.