Saturday, October 14, 2006

Saturday - A Sky (finally!) and an FO

It is Saturday, now late in the day, but Saturday adventures won over stopping to post! Here are two delightful Saturday Sky Pictures - clear sky, some color on the trees, brisk as Fall should be!

My mother joined me for a trip to Crazy for Ewe, a lovely yarn shop in Leonardtown, MD. I needed to buy some Noro Transitions to make the hat in Wendy Knits!

You see, I made that hat - a 3x3 ribbed hat - for me out of a Noro Transitions skein I bought a couple of months ago. The pattern calls for one skein. I made a lovely hat! See?

Alas, I have a GI-NORMOUS head and this hat, this Bee-oo-ti-ful Hat, looks as if I am trying to wear a child's hat. It looks great on my Mom and on my 16 yo, 6'3" son, but on me? Ack, it looks horrible!! Or, rather, I look horrible wearing it! Now, the lovely hat will be given to a special someone on my Christmas Gift Giving list. She will enjoy it as much as I would have enjoyed it! ;)

But, wait! I am still hatless! So, off to the store we went to purchase TWO skeins of Noro Transitions - a truly lovely yarn - to make the most expensive hat I will ever wear. Pictures when complete. For now, I have two Christmas presents to finish and several more to start.

Also on the list for the yarn shop was Noro Kureyon in Color 134 Lot A. And they had it! I have been unable to find it on-line after I bought the only one my other LYS had. I bought the lone skein because I fell in love with this beautiful bit of bright turquoise yarn in it. The other colors almost didn't matter, this turquoise was so beautiful. Well, it must have been a fluke bit of turquoise because not one of the five skeins I found (three of which I bought) had that bright turquoise showing. There was a turquoise and brown mixed area which was in about the same place as my pretty turquoise, but no bright turquoise.

The skein I fell in love with looks almost totally different than the others. But it really isn't. All the other colors are the same (when you look at the side where you can see them wound together). I plan to make a Booga Bag for a family member for Christmas. Before I start the bag, I'm going to take pictures of the skeins in natural light - so you can all see the difference!

Ah, and I bought some soft, soft, soft baby alpaca silk to make Fetching for moi!

I really should not be let loose in a yarn store - ever!!!!


Dorothy said...

Sounds like a great day in the LYS. It's always awesome when you find just what you are looking for.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kathleen - it was great to meet you last month! How are the Fetching fingerless mitts coming along? Be sure to post a photo, and come by the shop again soon!

Ellen -