Monday, October 23, 2006

My retreat

I really needed a "get away from it all" weekend and, for the most part, that is what I got this weekend. I joined about 45 other women for a weekend of prayer, meditation, singing and socialization! Our retreat was held at The Washington Retreat House (the second one listed on the link).

This house is run by a fabulous group of Franciscan Sisters of Atonement. It is located next to the Pope John Paul II Cultural Center, just off the campus of Catholic University. The National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception is a short walk (and a shorter drive for we drove to accommodate the frail and/or elderly among us) down the street.

Not much knitting was accomplished, but I experienced a beautiful weekend. Here are some images (hover to read the ALT tag and see what you are seeing!):

Sunrising over Pope John Paul II Cultural Center

Christ in Majesty mosaic - no matter where you stand it seems that these eyes are looking right at you

Stained Glass image of Christ and His disciples in the boat

Noah's Ark Mosaic
view from the drive of the Shrine, peering up at a Sunday Sky


Dorothy said...

you were in my old neck of the woods!

more literally true than you might think. the shrine parking lot was empty at night. a quiet dark place to sit in a car and chat with my HS boyfriend. yup, we did a lot of chatting there.

glad the weekend was worthwhile, gotta say though too bad you didn't schedule your retreat for the third retreat house listed on the link.

lorinda said...

Thanks for sharing!

Dorothy said...

The shrine looks so beautiful. I'm glad you got some rest and peace this weekend.