Saturday, April 22, 2006

Of weddings and such...

I promised a picture, but I figured I should deliver the gift before I posted the picture. The Wedding was last night, a small, beautiful, intimate affair. Planned beautifully. Executed flawlessly. Except for the weather. After an abnormally dry spell of delightful Spring, almost Summer, weather, there was a chill in the air, overcast skies and then rain, which - thankfully - waited until the outdoor wedding was over and the indoor reception had begun!! [note to self: it was so smart of you to bring your coat, even though you didn't need it when you left!]

Here is the gift - His and Hers coordinating afghans. Made of Lion Brand® Homespun in Candy Apple and Black using a Q hook. I was able to complete these lovely, warm, soft throws in about 8 hours each. I am so glad I decided to make them. I do hope my friends enjoy them!

I hear the thunder rolling in... glad THAT waited until today!

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Dorothy said...

I do miss the East coast thunderstorms. Especially the smells. Rain here is different. Nice smells too, but not the same as the air after a real storm.

The Afghans are adorable, should keep them cosy for a long time.