Saturday, May 15, 2010

Summer's coming!

Today, 6000 gallons of water will be delivered to top off my in-ground pool!

Water delivery is scheduled between 8 and noon.  I got up waaaaay too early for a Saturday and put the pump on because we had thunderstorms roll through last evening.  It's now about 9:30 AM and the water has not yet arrives.  I realize I could have slept a while longer.  Of course, if I had slept in, the water would have arrived at 8 AM on the nose!

I dreaded rolling back the cover.  The winter weather was the worst it has been in many years.  Certainly the worst it has been since I've owned this pool.  Surprise, surprise -- this was the BEST winter for the pool.  Go figure!  Very little debris inched its way into the water through the very narrow gap between the pool cover and the wall on the shallow end.  I am usually scooping many, many leaves.  Hardly any this year.  This is a good thing, since the best scooper basket was broken by some helper over the winter.

Looks like we'll be ready for the pool company to come and get it set for the season on Tuesday!

In knitting news, I finished my Baktus, except for the blocking. 

I need to figure out what to do next.  With five or more babies expected in my extended family and friends network, you'd think I could pick some baby thing or another.  Yet, I have not. 

Instead, I am planning a Pampered Chef(r) Help Whip Cancer(r) fundraiser show for next Saturday.  The Pampered Chef(r) has been supporting the American Cancer Society and their Breast Cancer Education program for over 10 years, contributing $7.9 million dollars since 2000.  Last year, the Help Whip Cancer(r) campaign raised $875,000.  The HWC fundraisers are regular Pampered Chef shows, with a pink twist.  During the month of May, the guest specials are special pink and white products.  The Pampered Chef(r) contributes $1.00 for every pink product sold and up to 25% of the total products sold to the American Cancer Society. 

If you'd be interested in purchasing something to help raise funds for Breast Cancer Education, or you'd just like to see what The Pampered Chef has to offer, drop me a line and I'll send you the link.

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