Sunday, November 01, 2009

Finishing things, starting November

Today is the beginning of EST - we fell back in time.  Hope I found all the clocks that needed resetting!

It is also the beginning of November.  I need to begin a number of projects, so I took today to finish some things that needed some final touches.  This clears my plate so I can start some new ones!

I finished knitting my Forest Canopy Shawl in May. Today, I blocked it so I can finally use it!

And I finished a little gift for a wee little girl.  This is a Preemie Set - sized for 5 lb baby.  Just her size!

With these projects complete, I can begin present knitting -- and by 'present' I mean GIFT! 

My sons have each asked for a hat - with specifics.  One wants a grey hat with small ribbing throughout.  The other wants a navy hat with a yellow "7" in it.  They haven't wanted any  hand knits from me.  Since they now do, I will comply!

I purchased yarn in the appropriate colors, hopefully in the correct weight for the style they want, plus an additional skein in Oyster.  I started the Oyster one as a test knit.  I want to be sure I get the right size, drape, texture before I begin the actual gift hats.  I figured if I goofed up on the size with this one, I could donate it or have it on hand as a ready-made gift in case we have a surprise guest at Christmas.  The boys have been known to spring a single guy with no place to go on me at Christmas.  If you are a guest in my home, you get a gift.  It will be nice to have something available to wrap rather than figuring something out at the last minute!

Until next time.


Anonymous said...

There's something about that calendar turning to November, isn't there?

Ev said...

Your shawl turned out very well! Nicely done! The baby set is absolutely darling!

Christmas knitting.. .it just feels like it's come far too quickly, doesn't it?

trek said...

I am very impressed that you think ahead to have an emergency gift ready for unexpected guys.