Wednesday, October 07, 2009

All is revealed

I was away for a few days, helping my aunt in Florida.  When I arrived at my home, a lovely surprise awaited me.

Ashley, my Secret Pal 14 spoiler, had sent my final package.

From Drop Box

A warm and cuddly hat in mmmm-Malabrigo, 4 skeins of Sublime superfine merino wool, a handy yarn requirements chart to carry in my bag - so when I run into a great sale I'll know just how much yarn to buy for that fabulous sweater! - and SOAK to clean up my knitting!

Thank you, Ashley. You have been a great spoiler.


Anonymous said...

what a lovely package!

thank you for coming by my space and leaving your encouraging words and support!

I do remember running into you over at ravelry when I used to waste loads of time there!

This Eclectic Life said...

Hey, you are all set now. Don't you love getting gifts in the mail?

KSD said...

Glad you were spoiled as well as you did spoil!