Saturday, September 19, 2009

What I've been working on...

Another sort of sekrit project - my first amigurumi!

edited to add another shot that I love: 

A pretty pink hat for a lovely little girl.  Except, this pretty pink hat is too big for the lovely little girl.

I might rip it back to make it smaller.  Or I might make a new one with DK instead of Worsted and fewer increases.  If I make a new one, I'll donate this one somewhere.

It turned out so darned cute.  I wish it was the right size!

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Frances said...

Hi. Discovered you via Shelly's Only The Good Friday blogroll. You do lovely work. They say needlework skips a generation - I was the generation it skipped.
If I could do what you do I'd make myself a zoo lol.
Have a wonderful weekend.