Sunday, June 28, 2009

This and that

It all started when Mom and I were invited to attend her sister's (my aunt's) 70th Birthday lunch. What could I possibly give my aunt as a gift? What does a 70-year-old woman need? Not much, really. I decided something hand made would be appropriate. Remembering the Party-Lite scented soaps I had on hand, I knit my aunt a wrapper cloth and included two beautifully scented bars of soap.

The Wrapper Cloth (ravelry link)

My cousins selected a quaint little waterside restaurant in Middle River, MD. The weather cooperated for our location - on the deck watching the water. After a lovely lunch, the CAKE arrived! A margarita for mama. Those girls, they know their mama well! :)

Delicious cake. Delightful company. Tiring weekend.

The youngest member of the family (she is 5) was enthralled by the river life off the deck of the restaurant. She watched the fish and the drakes and the ducks swimming by and was quite content. As we were all wrapping up the day, she pointed out the "...BIG WHITE BIRD over there. Look, Look, a big white bird. What is it?"

This is what it was:

Until next time.

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