Thursday, June 12, 2008

SP12 Question of the Week

Cecily is my SP12 Hostess and she has started a question of the week to get the blogs rolling. This also gives our spoilers the chance to know us a little better! This is a Good Thing. I have been so busy with travel and graduations and such that I have sorely neglected the blog. (I'll be back with graduation pictures soon!)

The first weekly question:

What's your favorite summertime drink?

Well... my favorite drink in ANY season is Diet Pepsi!

Occasionally, I'll switch up with fresh brewed tea made with loose leaf tea in my Perfect Tea Maker from Teavana. I place the pot over a big glass of ice with sweet and low (I like the Pink stuff)and empty the perfect pot into the glass (rather than a tea cup or carafe). Sometimes I make a full carafe of tea and then just pour the hot tea over a full glass of ice. My favorite flavor for Iced Tea is Rooibos Tropica. My second favorite is Honeybush Vanilla Herbal Tea. They no longer carry my favorite "go to bed" tea. :(

But really - DIET PEPSI is the all-time favorite.


Robbyn said...

I guess I'd have to say water. I adore my coffee, but I only have one cup in the morning - maybe another if I happen to go out for lunch. Mostly it's water :)

Now Myria, on the other hand, drinks Diet Pepsi just about every day :) And, to be honest, I do indulge once in a great while.

I also like the pink stuff - not the blue stuff or the yellow stuff but the pink stuff :)

Super Secret Knitting Pal said...

Diet Pepsi...too bad it just isn't a good thing to mail! :)

Have a great day!