Tuesday, June 17, 2008


We've been busy at chez Radarkaty.

Younger son finished up his Senior year and officially graduated on June 4, 2008. His was the first class of incoming freshman in the new school and, therefore, the first 100% Hurricane graduating class. And they went out with a BANG!

The day began hot and muggy - as special days at chez Radarkaty often do. The venue was well air-conditioned and the class marched in with all their Pomp and Circumstance.

First Dignitary speaks.

Second Dignitary speaks.

(Older son runs up to me and says "There's a tornado in North Beach and it's predicted for here!")

Apparently, the chance of thunderstorms turned to a tornado watch turned to a SEVERE Thunderstorm where the ceremony was being held and an actual tornado back home in the County.

Third Dignitary begins to speak. Half a page in, electricity goes out. No microphone. Arena is lit with auxiliary lights.

The electric comes back on, dignitary picks up where he left off.

Electricity goes out again.

He leaves the stage to talk to the class of 443 graduates without the microphone.

Electricity comes back on.

This dance continues to the end of his speech, when the electricity stayed off and the thunder rumbled through the arena on a regular basis!

They got the auxiliary electricity to work one microphone and they soldiered on. Both the Valedictorian and Salutorian spoke with the auxiliary mic... but they were in a quandry - what to do about the presentation of diplomas? They usually alternate boys and girls with a microphone on each side of the stage.

Solution: Ladies first. They began with the girls, using the auxiliary mic. About half way through the names, the lights and microphones came on for good. The storm had passed and they could begin the alternating presentation.

My son getting his diploma!

The young man that was to sing prior to the presentation of diplomas sang after the presentation. The storm passed and the sun was shining and it was almost 20 degrees cooler as we left the Arena. The graduates never got a rain drop on them!

They did have to cancel Project Graduation - an overnight party given for the class - because the weather system returned with a vengeance later that night. The tornado watches and warnings were back. They couldn't bus hundreds of graduates to the fun location in the severe weather.


June 6th, mom and I flew to Illinois for the next family graduation. My niece, Lia, graduated from St. Catherine Laboure Catholic School.

A beautiful Mass and celebration was held at the Church. Lia was one of 20 students leaving SCL behind and moving on to High School.

Times have changed since her mother and I attended Catholic Elementary School. Our graduating classes were 60+.

Mom and I had a lovely visit - in the hot, hot weather... coming home to hot, hot weather, but leaving behind a cooler day!


Last Graduation event - the Party!

My son's graduation party was held on Saturday, June 14th. A small crowd of family and friends gathered to celebrate.

It wouldn't be a summer party at our house if the temps were below 90, regardless of the month! I think we hit 98F at the hottest part of the day. By 7 PM it had cooled to the low 80s. At 8 PM the rain came down and dropped the temps to 70 and they kept on going down.


That's what's been keeping me from blogging much... I have been knitting. A couple of things are gifts and can't be shown yet. A couple of other things need a photo session. I'll show off my finished and upcoming projects later in the week!

Have a great day!

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