Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Gifts and Prizes and things

International Scarf Exchange #6 - Gill sent me some delightful goodies and a simply gorgeous, smooshy scarf! Clicking on any picture below will take you to the full Flickr set, but so will this link (I think!)

full set

The scarf (though a more artistic rendering can be found at Gill's blog):

The Scarf
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Chocolate (dark with Orange!); a lavender sachet (I hear that's good for a restful sleep and for keeping the moths away - everyone should have many about their home); and teas:

non-knitter gifts
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Stitch Markers (and a bonus scarf close up!)

stitch markers 2
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I won a gift from Sherri of Sherri Knits as she was celebrating her blogiversary. She's been busy, busy with wedding number 2, but found time before hand to send this lovely gift to me!

Go check out the great wedding in Sherri's family! I've so enjoyed following along!

Sherri's Anniversary Gift
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Christine said...

What a beautiful scarf! Do you know what the pattern is?

Robbyn said...

Lovely scarf and yummy everything-else! If you haven't had orange and chocolate together before, you're in for a true treat - they're wonderful :)

trek said...

Oh, very pretty scarf! Lucky you.

Cindy said...

Such lovely presents and prizes.

Dorothy said...

Your ISE package is fantastic! I like the yarn you won from Sherri too.