Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Wazzup Wednesday.

My Blog sent me a message: "Miss you. Wish you were here." I haven't had anything to say or show. I have been singularly uninspired. I think that last heat wave just zapped me. So, here's the scoop. In order to battle this inertia, I have created a Wazzup Wednesday posting initiative.

On Wednesdays, regardless of outside influences, I intend to post Wazzup in my life!

Presenting my first Wazzup Wednesday!


This is Wazzup in my world:

1. Got my Ravelry invite a bit ago - My name there is Radarkaty. Look me up! Friend me! Invite me to your group! I'm a little shy. I've posted a little but have not fallen in ... that is not why I wasn't here. Just didn't have much to say - here or there!

2. Younger son started Senior year of High School.

3. Older son moved out with a friend. Had a job. Lost a job. Found another. Stops by periodically for stuff he didn't move out yet (and still has his hand out for the $$, and still doesn't want to earn it).

4. High School Reunion is in the works. There is a bit of a niggling worry that no one will show - only have about 8 definites and it happens on October 13th.

5. Mom has been recovering from her broken wrist which was surgically repaired. Up until two weeks ago - she wasn't driving. This meant I was driving her places - which is okay, except it sapped the energy and left little time for creative endeavors.

6. Making plans for 3 family weddings between now and April 20th. First one is September 22. Then the Reunion on Oct 13. Then the second Wedding on December 1. Then Christmas! Then 2008!!! This comes up so fast!

7. Still plugging away on MS3 stole - I'm about 1/4 way through Clue 4 - the longest clue - and there are 7 clues total. Wanted it for the 9/22 wedding - looks more likely for the one on Dec 1.

8. I have finished two wool hats for donation to add to the other 6 already completed; one pair of toddler mittens (would like to do more of these); and am about 1/2 way through an Irish Hiking Scarf (.pdf file) for my Aunt (this sounds like progress, except I did the first quarter of the scarf LAST Fall!).

9. No pictures - haven't gotten the camera out lately and the light isn't so good at night. Good weather is predicted through Sunday - hope to rectify this omission soon!

That's Wazzup in my world. Wazzup in yours?


Jenn said...

I'm shy too. Last time I checked, I have 4033 ppl in front of me for Ravelry. When I get my invite, I'll look you up. We can hold each others hands in the storm of people. :)

Jenn said...

I think we are pretty close to being neighbors too. :) I live in St. Mary's County, MD.