Monday, December 31, 2012

Out with the Old, In with the New

2012 is almost over.  The past few years have been filled with many challenges and my blog has long been neglected.  I'd like to rectify that for 2013.

I am praying for a happy, healthy, prosperous new year for everyone I know and love - especially my family and friends.

May 2013 be the year

  • for dreams fulfilled and goals achieved;
  • for dreaming new dreams and planning new goals; 
  • for keeping in touch; 
  • for living each day to the fullest and seizing opportunities; 
  • for opening our eyes and hearts to new experiences;  
  • for charity; 
  • for love; 
  • for happiness

I make no resolutions. All my I resolves tend to dissolve in a day or two.  However, I do have plans - long range plans.  Each plan starts with one small step and continues with more small steps, until the plan is fulfilled.  I have decided, regardless of how small the step, as long as I move forward, and forgive myself for moving backward, I will make progress and my goal will be reached.

Long Range Plans:  

  1. Debt Freedom (except the house) -- goal date:  Summer 2014.  
  2. Hefty savings -- goal date: December 2014, my planned retirement date after 32+ years of federal service.
  3. Weight loss -- Goal date: Summer 2014
  4. Less Cluttered home -- goal date:  December 2013

I have started on one and four.  I will continue stepping toward those goals and incorporate number 3 beginning on January 5th.  The second goal cannot begin until the first is achieved, but I will keep my eye on that prize!

I have heard that a goal is not a goal until it is written down.  A goal cannot be achieved without a plan - a written plan.  A plan cannot be implemented without written steps.   And so I continue....

Debt Freedom:  I have a budget in place (written step); I have a debt reduction list with payment amounts and schedules (written steps); I am working on trimming the budget to free up more cash to add to the debt reduction step.

Less Clutter:  seven large bags have been taken to the dump in the last three weeks.  Two more are ready to go.  I am starting upstairs and working my way down.  Right corner of the bedroom is half done.  I will complete that and move to the left corner.  I have a book with a list of each room in the house and what needs to be done - my written plan with steps included.

Weight Loss:  I am planning menus this week to begin on Saturday (written plan with daily steps).  I will work through the stores on hand this week, eating as well as I can with what I have, and begin with the new menus on Saturday, January 5th.  The first two small steps begin tomorrow.  
  1. I will begin juicing for a minimum of five days per week with the aim at daily juicing. 
  2. Reduce soda intake and replace with water.
I took these two steps for a little over a month this past summer.  I felt better.  My cholesterol numbers and blood pressure numbers improved.  I lost 14 lbs.  And now I begin again.

There will be challenges to my plans.  Emergencies will occur.  Setbacks are inevitable.  I will pray for the strength, guidance and good fortune to weather the emergencies without getting off track.

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Booktender said...

I plan to retire and move before Feb. 2014. That's plenty enough for me!