Monday, March 01, 2010

Sooo close, yet no gold medal!

My Toe-Up Socks were my Knitting Olympics piece.  As my previous post indicated, there was a set back. 

After the set back, I recast the socks with fewer beginning stitches and continued with fewer foot stitches on smaller needles.  I finally got going pretty well.  A slow down occurred as I tried to figure out the heel and the wrap and turns and why I needed them and how to do them.  Figured it out on one and quickly finished the second.  By Sunday afternoon I was finishing heel flap number 2 and thought I could move right along on the legs of both.  However, the fingers were tiring and getting sore.  STR on 2.25 mm and 2.0 mm needles make for sore thumb and forefinger pads.  I might even have a hole in my thumb, defintely have a callous! 

Seems my confidence was misplaced.  I got to anklet length on the leg of the sock (two pattern repeats on the leg) and I could have done a fancy bind off and counted them 'DONE' in time to win the Gold.  But I had to be honest with myself and, in the spirit of the games, concede that I would simply unbind them and continue on to a more conventional leg length, as I did not want anklets nor would I wear them.  So, I gave up my dreams of glory and went to bed.

Knitting continues, albeit without the Olympic intensity.  The thumb and forefinger are getting a bit of a rest as I do knit a little at a time.  I believe I'll be able to eke out five pattern repeats and some ribbing before I run out of yarn.  I was afraid that 380 yards would not be enough for my big feet.  It looks like I'll make it to a reasonable leg height before I run out.

I'm sad that I miscalculated and missed out on the Gold Medal.  I learned a great deal, which is a fabulous thing.  BUT -- have you seen what I missed out on?? Franklin designed a fabulous medal!   Waaaahhhh!

Congratulations to all the Knitting Olympians claiming their Gold Medal!

As for me, there is always 2014!  I'll have much to celebrate in 2014

Knitting Olympics


RETIREMENT ! ! ! ! !    :)


Cindy said...

At least you competed. Good for you!

Julie McC. said...

And you will have a fabulous pair of socks while I have an afghan I despise.

trek said...

Ah, who cares? You've got a great pair of socks anyway.

This Eclectic Life said...

In our hearts, you are a winner ... and you have such a cute pair of socks. Sorry ... I hate the word "cute," so "adorable."
I'm here to tell you that you are a better woman than I. No way I'm going to try to knit socks. Are you already counting the minutes until retirement?