Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day! May Day!

That looks like a panic attack, but it's not -- it is really is May Day!

Tra la! It's May!
The lusty month of May!
That lovely month when ev'ryone goes
Blissfully astray.

~~ Guenevere in Camelot

May is a good month and it is good that it begins on a Friday. This allows me to be part of Only the Good On Friday with my friend, Shelly.

As many of you, my dear readers, know, my mother is battling breast cancer. Fridays are her infusion days. This may lead one to believe nothing good can come of Friday. However, the infusions will help her beat her disease in the long term, while causing some discomfort and rude side effects in the short term. Hence, it is a good to be Friday.

What I really want to share on this good Friday is a wonderful resource found for me by my friend, Sue.

Mom is in the midst of one of those rude chemo side effects - hair loss. I needed to search for a wig resource. Mom has great insurance and it pays for a prescribed wig. Her doctor wrote a prescription and we needed to find a place to buy one. Hampered by the fractured tibia, getting to a wig shop was going to be problematic. Added to that - all the shops I found on my internet search were at least 40 miles away.

Sue to the rescue! She found one that comes to your home! Crowning Alternatives is a wig store on wheels! After talking with me on the phone about the style and color that Mom might like, Sharon made arrangements to come our home. She brought samples to try and explained the care and use and picked the appropriate color and - wow, it was great! Mom has a large head (as do I!), so the wig needed to be ordered. It should arrive next week - just when Mom will really need it.

Sharon will come back and style it and cut it, if we think it needs it. She bills the insurance company, so Mom didn't have to pay for the wig and wait for reimbursement.

It was a pleasant and easy afternoon. Sharon is engaging and caring. What a wonderful experience for my mother.

I hope if you or your family need such a service, you can find someone in your area that offers this special touch. If you live in the Washington/Baltimore area, click on that link up there and give Sharon a call.

Now, you go and have a good Friday!


Karina said...

I'm making it a point to visit all the OTGF posters today, in support of Shelly's "time out for grief". She doesn't know I'm doing it, I just decided I needed to. Part of this goal of ours to spread the Optimism Virus, right?

Anyway, I'm so glad you found this place, what a wonderful gift they offer to someone going through what your mom is going through. Thank you for sharing, I'm sure your post will be a resource itself for others!

Thorne said...

That is just so, incredibly, GOOD! How perfect to have someone come to you and make the process of wig shopping a pleasure rather than a chore. Happy OtGF to both you and your Mama!

Wendy said...

That is so wonderful....I am so very happy that your mom will have a wig and the service was so great....Many thoughts and prayers still coming your way.........

Anonymous said...

That Sue, she sure is a pip! I've met her and can testify to that. I am unanimous in my opinion.

Happy to hear your Mom and you had a great experience, and can't wait to see the results soon.