Friday, March 27, 2009

3.27.2009 - (mostly) GOOD on Friday

Good things I'm doing:

I spun a little yarn - about 20 yards.

I belong to a Ravelry group that is collecting six inch squares for a baby blanket. I've finished 2.5 so far. I think I'll be able to complete four with the skein of yarn I am using.

I am half an inch from the heel flaps on a pair of Socks for Soldiers (link for the Yahoo! group) and finished a beanie.

I am making a few baby blankets for a couple of good causes: a hospital in Las Vegas through my Friends group on Yahoo! and Alexandra's House via the Knitters Cherish Life group on Ravelry.

GOOD (and a little not-so-good) Mom update:

The scans I spoke about in my last blog post were completed and came out CANCER-FREEEEE! Her heart is in great shape and will be continued to be monitored as the Herceptin treatment starts.

Her bones are cancer-free, though showing signs of advancing arthritis in many joints and her back. This we already knew, so not really bad news.

Her organs (kidney, stomach, liver, etc.) that are places where her type of cancer may have spread are cancer-free!

The original chemo/radiation/medication protocol will be followed.

The 'when' is the only not-so-good fly in the ointment.

You see, she celebrated her 73rd birthday (last Friday) in a wheel chair in pain from a nasty fall the previous night. She hit her right knee hard and the knee was too swollen for a good look at the damage. Today, the new x-ray shows a healing "Non Displaced Lateral Tibia Plateau Fracture." The Oncologist will have to decide whether chemo starts during the 4-6 weeks of "no-walking on it" healing or wether to hold off until after April 27th when the knee will be x-rayed again.

Until next time.


This Eclectic Life said...

"Cancer free"! Two very good words! I'm glad for you, but sorry she's suffering from the fall. Kudos for your good craft works...and I love your drop spindle. I rarely use mine, if I can get to my wheel. I should use it more, then maybe I could spin yarn as fine as yours!

Enid said...

I will continue to send good thoughts for her and the family.
belated greetings for her birthday.
well done on your completed projects.

Wendy said...

I am so very Happy to hear those two precious words.....I am so sorry to hear about the fall and the possible delay in treatment...Will continue to pray and keep you all in my thoughts...
LOVE the yarn...Never ave thought about spinning, but hear so many wonderful stories, and how addictive it is....Maybe one day....

Ev said...

Great to hear the good news... bones will heal!