Wednesday, March 05, 2008

D is for...

done, done, done, done...

I have had a difficult time thinking of a "D" for the A-B-C Along. I couldn't take a picture of most of the Ds -

Driving? How do you take a picture of that?

Daffodil? Havn't bloomed yet.

Dandelion? Have not sprouted either.

Dog? I don't have one.

So, I present D is for Done!

I promised a number of items for the February donations in the "Knitters Cherish Life" group on Ravelry. Here they are - DONE!

A knitted sweater and booties to match. The sweater is a free Bernat pattern, Baby's Hoodie to Knit. The booties were my own creation based loosely on several different patterns I used to crochet. These are knit.

the set on display

A hat and bootie set. Hat is my own version of a basic crochet in the round hat with a loopy cuff. I used Bev's VERY Easy Newborn Bootie pattern for the booties, and the same loopy finish to the booties' cuff as I did on the hat.

crochet hat/bootie set 3

And a long ago finished object got packaged with these - the Mock Cable hat. I finished the hat a year or more ago. I was going to make socks or booties to go with it... I started one sock - finished it even. But I didn't like it. I put it down to marinate and, since I didn't write down what I did, I couldn't remember what I did to recreate it. So, no socks for the cable hat. But some little ones head will be warm! :)

Mock Cable Hat - Sherbert

There you go! DONE!


Craftydramaqueen said...

I love the cable hat, the colours are fab. The little coat and bottees are so cute.

Robbyn said...

My, you've been busy - with such pretty little things too :)

Love the colors in the mock cable hat - looks like rainbow sherbert!

Booktender said...

I think I speak for us all when I thank you for not choosing the word "disgusting."